Team up with us

Creating meaningful and relevant learning resources can be a costly and time-consuming endeavour. With our new crowdsourcing and crowdfunding initiative, we invite you to team up with us to create modular, easy-to-edit, case-based learning materials in two thematic areas, fighting corruption and preventing sexual misconduct. The materials developed will be available online and customisable to suit your organisational needs.

Fight corruption

Help develop course content on handling anti-corruption in our organisations

Some of our organisations work in countries that are perceived as corrupt or highly corrupt. In fighting corruption and fraud, we need to have clear guidelines, procedures and methods. However, these methods may differ from one organisation to another.

This is why we want to create online learning materials that are modular, easy to edit and customise. The training will consist of a package of learning materials including real-life cases, scenarios and dilemmas to support a practice-oriented approach to handling corruption and fraud.

Crowdsourcing goal

Creating a package of learning materials that is easy to customise to your organisation’s policies and context.

Crowdfunding target

EUR 50,000.00


Tanja Holst Jensen, Project Manager,

Prevent sexual misconduct

Contribute to learning materials on the Prevention of Sexual Harassment, Exploitation, and Abuse (PSHEA)

In recent years, high-profile cases of sexual misconduct have come to the fore. We know that misconduct takes place in our sector, and the need for NGOs to acquire competencies to prevent and handle sexual misconduct is more urgent than ever.

This leads to an increased demand for organisations to work with awareness and understand their responsibilities related to sexual misconduct. We want to develop PSHEA learning materials to provide our organisations with effective training to work towards prevention. The learning materials will be easy to edit and adapt. You will also be able to customise cases, context and activities to your organisation’s needs.

Crowdsourcing goal

Creating a package of learning materials that is easy to customise to your organisation’s policies and context.

Crowdfunding target

EUR 50,000.00


Emma Byskov, Learning Designer,



Express interest, meet during Fabo Community Week, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding


  • Anti-corruption meeting on 18 May 2021, 15:00-16:00 CEST
  • PSHEA meeting on 19 May 2021, 13:00-14:00 CEST

Creation of courses with input from contributors


Customise courses to specific needs with Fabo Learning Lab support


We are collecting content for the two above thematic areas. Your contributions will help shape the learning materials we create together. We are looking for the following:

  • Your organisational learning needs
  • Cases (real-life scenarios and dilemmas) from a wide range of geographical and cultural settings
  • Content from existing courses
  • Relevant resources
  • Manuals and guides
  • Guidance and advice from subject matter experts
  • Video material
Crowdsourcing process
  1. Express interest by contacting the crowdsourcing coordinators.
  2. You will be invited to participate in an online collaboration space where you can input ideas for learning content.
  3. You will then be asked to join a working meeting during Fabo Community Week where next steps will be discussed.


Developing trainings and learning materials require investment of time and funds. We are asking contributors to provide funds in three ways:

  • Donation – a one-time amount of your choice to support the development costs of creating learning materials in the two subject areas. In return, you will have access to all available cases.
  • Contribution with open access to learning materials in return – a set contribution of EUR 5,000 will give contributing organisations a course template with accompanying cases and 7 hours of support from Fabo Learning Lab for customisation. If your organisation is considering membership, this amount can replace the one-time investment fee. If you are unable to contribute the set amount, there are opportunities for in-kind or mixed contributions from organisations on membership levels 3, 4 or 5.
  • Sponsorship – an organisation can sponsor a partner organisation by contributing EUR 1,000 to the project. The partner will receive a course template with accompanying cases, 7 support hours from Fabo Learning Lab and a one-year membership of Fabo Learning Community. This option is possible for membership levels 3, 4 and 5.
Crowdfunding process

Get in touch with Simon Skårhøj, Head of Learning Lab,, for details on how to contribute with funding.

Frequently asked questions

You can find more information here. If you still have questions regarding the process and how to contribute, please reach out to Simon from Fabo Learning Lab at

General questions
Why this new approach to collaboration?

This approach builds on existing knowledge, allows learning practitioners to curate relevant content and learning materials to suit their organisational needs, and provides a good opportunity for organisations to collaborate and share knowledge. Many of our learning needs are similar but our contexts are different. This is why we want to create open learning materials that are easy to edit and customise.​

I'm interested but I'm not ready to commit within the timeframe stated. What should I do?

Please get in touch with Simon from Fabo Learning Lab at

How can I participate?

You can contribute in the following ways: ​

  • Let us know your organisational learning needs
  • Provide relevant content in the form of visuals, graphics, resources, etc​
  • Provide real-life cases and scenarios​
  • Be an advisor or subject matter expert (SME)​
  • Contribute with funds
How can I benefit from the crowdsourcing?

By contributing to the crowdsourcing, you can influence the direction and package of learning materials and cases we create together. These materials can then be customised to suit specific audiences and contexts. The cases will be made freely available on the Fabo Platform.​

How can I tailor a course to my organisation?

You need to be a Fabo member if you want to customise the course and would like to track participation on the site. Depending on your contribution, there may be Fabo Learning Lab support to help you with the customisation.​

The course is relevant for my organisation, but we do not have the necessary funds to contribute to the crowdfunding.

In this case, you can receive a sponsorship, or you can contribute in-kind to course development – e.g., provide cases or language translations.

How will content contributions be coordinated?

Fabo Learning Lab will consider all contributions and develop a basic package of learning materials that can cover as many needs as possible. The costs can be kept down in this way.

How does the crowdsourcing work?

First, you express interest by writing to Tanja ( or Emma ( at Fabo Learning Lab depending on the thematic area you are interested in. Please indicate the kind of content you want to contribute. You will be invited to an online collaboration space for inputs. We will also host two crowdsourcing meetings during the May Fabo Community Week where we will coordinate input.

How can I benefit from the crowdfunding?

By contributing to the crowdfunding, you can either donate funds for this development and/or fund your own tailored version of the course to your specific organisational needs. ​

I want to contribute with funds, but I don't have EUR 5,000. Can I contribute less?

There are opportunities for in-kind or mixed contributions depending on your membership level. Please reach out to Simon, from Fabo Learning Lab at, for more information

My organisation is not a member of the Fabo Learning Community. How do I contribute?

You are still welcome to donate or contribute funds. If your organisation is considering membership, the EUR 5,000.00 may replace the one-time investment fee. Find out more about membership here.

Ownership & Responsibility
Who owns the learning materials?

Learning Lab will facilitate and coordinate the process of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding, but does not own the learning materials as such. We encourage contributors to endorse the courses to ensure accountability and responsibility of the learning materials created. All materials developed will be licensed under a Creative Commons licence.

Who is responsible for keeping the learning materials updated?

Fabo Learning Lab is responsible for keeping the template for both courses updated. However, when you customise the learning materials to your organisational needs, you are responsible for keeping those materials updated.