Fabo Community Week

Build your capacity and join the conversation 

14-16 Sep 2021



Fabo Community Week

The purpose of this event is to bring together members of our learning community so you can build relationships with each other. 
The event provides an opportunity to connect with others through a shared purpose and shared values.

The September edition will focus on Fabo Essentials. We will take you through learning site design and builds, show you how to add interactive content to your learning site, how to build a learning hub for your organisation and how to pull reports on learning activities and course completions. 

There will be hands-on opportunities to work directly on the learning platform with Learning Lab support. 

Fabo Community Week is open to all Fabo member. If you are not a member and wish to take part, please write to the community week coordinator, Sidsel-Marie Winther Prag, communityweek@fabo.org





Please note that Fabo Community Week is primarily for members of the Fabo Learning Community. 

Sessions may be cancelled due to insufficient signups. If this is the case, you will be notified by email.

How to build a learning site

In this webinar, Learning Lab will demonstrate how to build a learning site on fabo.org and include basic learning activities. Join this webinar to learn how to add images, text and video, set up forums and surveys and much more on your learning site. You will be able to ask questions and interact via chat.​

Level: No prerequisites   

How to create interactive content with H5P

Adding interactive elements to your learning site can lift your design and engage your learners. In this webinar, Learning Lab will show how to build interactive elements like quizzes, interactive video and interactive presentations directly on your learning site using the "Interactive content" activity/authoring tool. You will be able to ask questions and interact via chat.​

Level: Experience with basic learning site editing is an advantage

How to include video on a learning site

There are several ways you can include video on your Fabo learning site. This webinar will take you through the dos and don'ts of using videos on Fabo. Learning Lab will demo various ways to upload and create videos on the Fabo Platform. We will also consider when, why and how you should use videos.​

Level: Experience with basic learning site editing is an advantage ​

A walkthrough of the Learning Catalogue​

Did you know that there are trainings and community sites available to you on Fabo beyond what your organisation is producing?​

In this session, we will show you how to search and filter between learning sites that are available on Fabo and how to find content within your field of interest.

Fabo 3.0 What's new

Earlier this year, we launched a new version of the Fabo Learning Platform. In this session, we will walk you through the new developments and how they can support learning in your organisation.

Level: Experience with basic learning site editing is an advantage

How to build an organisational landing page

We will introduce you to the new hub format which will allow you to create an organisational identity on Fabo, and provide a gateway to your organisation’s trainings and other important content.​

​This is a workshop session where you get practical hands-on experience with building your own organisational landing page. You will be working with a template landing page and add content from your own organisation.​

Level: Experience with learning site editing is necessary

CANCELLED - How to use the Content Library

The Content Library is a growing resource of graphics, icons and templates, that you can use to build your own sites and content.​ We will take you through the library and show you how to download graphics, icons and other available visual assets you can use for your learning sites.

Level: Experience with basic learning site editing is an advantage

CANCELLED - Open office

Sometimes it is easier to talk to an expert than to search for answers in the help resources. We want to give you the opportunity to pop into our virtual office to ask your burning questions about learning experience design or learning site editing.

CANCELLED - Learning Support Meetup

This is the third meeting of the working group that was formed during Fabo Community Week in March 2021. The working group is open to anyone in the Fabo community who is currently working on a learning project and would like to get support from the community. You can get benefits like support in designing effective learning experiences, identifying thematic and methodological synergies across projects and organisations, and sharing inspiration and good cases with one another. ​

If you would like to join the working group, please contact Sidsel-Marie before the meeting by sending an email to smwp@dca.dk.