Fabo Community Week

Build your capacity and join the conversation 

14-16 Sep 2021



Fabo Community Week

The purpose of this event is to bring together members of our learning community so you can build relationships with each other. 
The event provides an opportunity to connect with others through a shared purpose and shared values.

The September edition will focus on Fabo Essentials. We will take you through learning site design and builds, show you how to add interactive content to your learning site, how to build a learning hub for your organisation and how to pull reports on learning activities and course completions. 

There will be hands-on opportunities to work directly on the learning platform with Learning Lab support. 

Registration opens in August. Fabo Community Week is open to all Fabo member. If you are not a member and wish to take part, please write to the community week coordinator, Sidsel-Marie Winther Prag, smwp@dca.dk






Please note that Fabo Community Week is primarily for members of the Fabo Learning Community. However, we do have open sessions that we welcome all to join.  The green boxes in the schedule below indicate sessions that are open to all.

The programme will be available in August

Save the dates in the meantime. Hope to see you in September!