The Fabo Toolkit

We have a selection of tools, guides, templates and resources
that will help you make the most out of Fabo.

Digital platform and app

The digital platform is a learning management system that is a one-stop platform for all your learning activities. Build your own learning sites, have complete control and access over who can use your training, have unlimited users and learning sites in your organisational space, and host real-time workshops and meetings using the integrated video conferencing software.

The Fabo app provides offline access to learners in areas with low internet connection and automatically syncs content when back online. Your content is automatically made responsive to differing mobile device sizes ensuring user-friendly and accessible learning content always.


Browse guides on how to craft effective learning design, build courses, design meaningful in-person workshops, and much more. We produce an extensive repository of learning resources and material across our community. These resources are created by and for members of our community. Some projects are collaborations between members while others are shared openly for all to access.

Content library

We offer a library of templates that you can use for designing your learning site and training activity so you don't have to start from scratch.

Tap into this collection of templates and tools for designing and building learning activities. The tools include digital elements, as well as analogue ideas that can be used for workshop facilitation.

Open courses

Be inspired by open courses and trainings from other members. Open courses are available for all members and users of the Fabo Platform. Why create a new training if one already exists? Enjoy the benefits of a large community of members working within civil society and facing the same training needs as your organisation.