Our story

Established in 2020, we are a growing community of 30 member organisations and over 80,000 learners.

Fabo is a member-driven learning community for NGOs.

We are brought together by a shared passion and belief in learning as an empowering vehicle for change. For this reason, our mission is to build bridges between civil society and beyond.

We operate with the firm belief that knowledge is not exclusive and the opportunity to learn and create is a right everyone should have. By learning, creating and sharing together, we can all become empowered agents of change, individuals and organisations alike. We are member-driven because we believe in the power of the collective.

We want to raise the bar, and we invite you to join us.

Membership benefits

Share learning technology

The Fabo platform is built on Moodle, an open source learning management system and is in constant development with our members’ needs in mind.

Share learning methodologies

Benefit from different methodologies for diverse groups of learners. Share and learn from each other.

Share learning materials

Our work is open and accessible for the whole community. Resources and learning content is open for all.

Share development costs

Why go alone when we can share the costs of development? Costs of new features are shared for the greater good.

Share learning expertise

Access to Fabo Learning Lab, a team of learning experience specialists with extensive learning design experience.

Join community events

Improve your skills, widen your network and develop your competencies at community events, such as Fabo Community Week.

Founded by members of the ACT Alliance and hosted by DanChurchAid

Founded by

Fabo was founded by ACT Alliance members in 2020. It emerged from the ACTLearn Partnership created in 2013 with the vision of broadening the learning collaboration to CSOs beyond the ACT Alliance.

Hosted by

Fabo is hosted by DanChurchAid (DCA), an ACT Alliance member and Danish humanitarian and development NGO, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark.