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Anti-Corruption Grassroot Training

Would you like to conduct trainings in your context to raise awareness about different forms of corruption and how you can fight it?

Access everything you need for interactive and reflective grassroots training.

Ideal for development teams, local authorities, and community leaders.

Violence Against Women and the Role of Religion

The course consists of 3 modules:

  1. Understanding Violence (1h)
  2. Working with Violence (1h)
  3. The Role of Religion in Violence Against Women (1h)

Each module can be accessed separately, but it is recommended to follow them chronologically.

Outcome Harvesting Course

Discover Outcome Harvesting is a participatory, user-focused approach.

Learn to identify and formulate Outcome Statements through practical training.

Master 6 essential steps to enhance strategies and Theory of Change effectively.

The course comprises 4 modules.

Gender Equality Course for basic and advanced users

  1. Gender equality in DCA Basic covers essential concepts, terminologies, and data on gender inequality
  2. Gender equality in DCA Advanced provides in-depth approaches to integrating gender considerations in programming

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