The Fabo Learning Community

Why join Fabo?

The Fabo Learning Community empowers changemakers in civil society to create, obtain and exchange knowledge. We develop learning processes that spark reflection, stimulate conversations, and build individual competencies.

By sharing resources, development costs, learning technology, learning design methodologies, resources, our hope is that our learning community will empower changemakers in their pursuit of affecting social change.

Joining the Fabo Learning Community means working together, building relationships and sharing our learning resources and knowledge. Together, we make the community better. The strength of our community lies in a shared responsibility to develop, build and maintain the network and its activities

Member benefits

Shared learning technology

Own organisational space on the Fabo Platform (built on Moodle), unlimited users, unlimited learning sites. Full control of access to learning sites.

Shared learning resources

Our work is open and accessible for the whole community. We encourage open access to resources and learning content made by the community.

Expand your network

Connect with other organisations and share resources. Collaborate on learning projects and learn from each other.

Shared development costs

Why go alone when we can share the costs of development? Costs of new features are shared for the greater good.

Member contributions


Our community is highly dependent on engagement from our members. We ask all members to take part in community events and support fellow members where possible.


We invite and encourage members to take part in events, group discussions and calls for collaboration within the community.


Building and developing a community is exciting. But doing it together is even better. We encourage all members to be part of the Fabo roadmap and contribute to Fabo’s further development where possible.

What sets us apart

Fabo is a unique combination of a peer-supported community facilitated by a specialised team of learning professionals, and a virtual learning environment encompassing a digital learning platform, meeting tool, app and customisable learning content​.

For NGOs, by NGOs

Based in an NGO, Fabo works with unique operational and strategic knowledge. We have first-hand knowledge and understanding of NGO learning needs. Our members get invaluable peer support from likeminded practitioners.


Our model is based on solidarity and shared responsibility. All NGOs, despite size and turnover, should have access to learning technology. Working together, sharing costs and resources mean that we can all benefit from the technology and know-how.


Build on existing learning resources and customise material to your organisational needs. Why reinvent the wheel? We offer customisable solutions to fit your requirements.

What we offer

Learning platform and learning technology

  • Own branded organisational space with full autonomy
  • Own landing page or learning portal for self-curated courses and organisational news, information and trainings
  • Unlimited courses, trainings and resource sites
  • Unlimited users
  • Track learner progress and access
  • Reporting and analysis

Ongoing and personal support

  • Ongoing support for technical questions and general guidance on platform
  • Guides on content creation
  • Customised support and guidance for projects
  • Continual follow-up and regular check-ins

Community activities and collaborations

  • Monthly live hands-on sessions
  • Community events and conferences
  • Working groups
  • Member forum
  • Member-to-member collaborations

Free templates and resources

  • Free customisable course templates
  • Content library of free icons, images and graphics
  • Guides on learning design and course creation
  • Database of sector-relevant courses and trainings

The process

Preliminary chat

This first step is about getting to know one another and finding common ground. We are a member-driven community, and our work and future development are highly dependent on member engagement and participation. This preliminary conversation will be able to identify synergies and illustrate the framework of the community to provide you with a more indepth picture of what Fabo membership entails.

Application and setup

This phase involves the legal process of signing the Fabo Charter. After payment of the membership and one-time investment fees, you complete an online membership form. Your organisational account will be created and various roles will be identified within your team to ensure ownership of the learning agenda.


You will be invited to take part in an introductory workshop to get started with learning in your organisation. We also encourage you to join our monthly capacity strengthening opportunities, community events and member meet-ups.

Engagement - Collaboration and connection

We are highly dependent on our members for collaboration, sharing and connecting. You will be invited to join communities of practice on the digital platform and be encouraged to take part in collaborative projects and working groups with other members.

Membership fees

Tier            Revenue             Annual fee            One-time investment fee

1              >25 mill EUR       10,000 EUR          5,000 EUR

2             1-25 mill EUR         5,000 EUR          5,000 EUR

3            0.5-1 mill EUR         2,000 EUR          2,000 EUR

4         100K-500K EUR         1,000 EUR           1,000 EUR

5                 <500K EUR            500 EUR              500 EUR

We operate with a tiered fee model where membership fees are based on revenue. Members have equal opportunities and full membership rights regardless of the fee amount paid.

Membership is renewed annually, and a one-time investment fee is payable at the start of the membership.

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