Our community Our learning community is
a global network of changemakers
from around the world.

Community activities

At Fabo, we believe that NGOs can become more effective changemakers
if customised learning resources, learning technology, learning design methodologies
and learning networks are utilised effectively. We provide this opportunity with our
global learning community. We share resources, development costs, learning technology
and knowledge.

Join community events

Improve your skills, widen your network and develop your competencies at community events, such as Fabo Community Week.


We believe that by pooling our resources, we will achieve more. Join our crowdsourcing and crowdfunding projects and contribute with funds or know-how.

Working groups

Work together with other members on creating learning activities or learning material that can benefit the whole community.

Research and innovation

Benefit from innovative technology and take part in the annual Fabo Learning Needs Assessment.

Strategise learning

Make learning in your organisation strategic and align your learning activities with your organisational goals.

Support and coaching

Get support and coaching from Fabo Learning Lab, a team of learning specialists who are ready to help you and organisation with your learning needs.