Fabo Community Events

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Fabo Community Events

Our events bring together members of our learning community so you can build relationships with each other


This year we are hosting monthly Fabo sessions where we take you through thematic topics on learning, learning site design and builds, show you how to add interactive content to your learning site, demonstrate how to work with advanced interactive content, and much more. 

There will be hands-on opportunities to work directly on the learning platform with Learning Lab support. 

Throughout the year, we will also host member meetups where you will get a chance to learn from other members and see how they use the Fabo community and platform to support their programmatic work.

All community events are open to all Fabo members. If you are not a member and wish to take part, please write to info@fabo.org for more information. 

Monthly Fabo Sessions

Every month, Fabo Learning Lab hosts a 45-min session on various topics related to learning and content creation on the Fabo platform. Some of these sessions will be followed by hands-on work by participants. We want to provide frequent capacity-building opportunities so you can regularly join a session to upgrade your Fabo skills. 

Good to know
These sessions are open to all Fabo members. Make sure you already have a user profile before coming to the session. And you'll avoid too much waiting time if you already have a blank site to work on when we get to the hands-on part of the session.

Jan: Navigating the Fabo platform

This session takes you through the platform and shows you how to find courses, where to get help and how to get started as a new Fabo user or content creator!

Join us if you are a new member or just need a refresher on how to navigate the platform.


When: 25 Jan 2023 / 10-10:45 CET
Duration: 45 min
Hosted by: Tanya
Level: Beginner

Feb: Learning objectives - How and Why

In this session focusing on learning objectives, we discuss why it is important to formulate learning objectives in the beginning of any learning process, and how they can help you stay on track and measure whether you have achieved the desired result.

Join this session, if you want to know what learning objectives are, how you can formulate them and how you can align them with the respective group of learners and the learning content you want to include.

When: 23 February 2023 / 10-10:45 CET
Duration: 45 min
Hosted by: Runa
Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Mar: Advanced interactive content

Take your interactive content skills to the next level in this session about a specific interactive content format called the course presentation. The versatile course presentation activity offers a wealth of elements such as video, audio, visual and quiz content. 

Learn how to set up a course presentation with the different options available and have time to experiment during the session. Please note this session will include a hands-on part at the end of the demonstration. If you plan on joining the hands-on part, please set aside an hour and half for the whole session. 

When: 29 March 2023 / 10-11:30 CEST
Duration: 1.5 hours
Hosted by: Joseph
Level: Intermediate-advanced

April: Designing for low internet connectivity

Many of us work with partners in areas with low internet bandwidth. The material we design and create needs to accommodate these conditions.

Join us for a session on what to keep in mind when designing content for low connectivity.


When: 26 April / 10-10:45 CEST
Duration: 45 min
Hosted by: Joseph
Level: Beginner

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May: Introducing the Fabo Starter Kit

Do you need help getting started with creating content and designing learning activities on the Fabo platform? Look no further! We will be introducing our new Fabo Starter Kit for learning site editors during this session. We'll take you through the kit and there will be time for questions as well! Join us!


When:  23 May / 10-10:45 CEST
Duration: 45 min
Hosted by: Fabo Learning Lab
Level: Beginner

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Member meetups

Throughout the year we will host meetups where we gather the community and spotlight a member and the work they are doing. If you are interested in showcasing some of your work on Fabo, please let us know! You can write to Lan, Communications and Membership Lead, at lyta@dca.dk. Looking forward to hearing from you!

March member meetup: SMC presents

We are delighted to announce that Fabo member, SMC, will kick off the Fabo member meetup series with the first meetup in March! The organisation will share how they are using Fabo in their work with partners and capacity strengthening. The session will consist of a presentation followed by a Q&A. Join us!

When: 14 March / 10:00 - c. 10:45
Duration: approx. 45 min, possibly 60 min
Hosted by: SMC Global
Open to all Fabo members

June member meetup: Digni presents

The June meetup will be hosted by Digni, a long-time Fabo member and a network organisation based in Oslo, Norway. Digni has been working with the Fabo platform for a long time and recently launched their learning hub which they will be showing us. The session will consist of a presentation followed by a Q&A. 

When: 7 June / 10:00 - 11:00
Duration: 60 min
Hosted by: Digni
Open to all Fabo members

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