A vendor assists a beneficiary of the Multi-Purpose Cash Transfer using her e-voucher to buy gas in Cowdray Park, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. The market base has increased for the vendors and the mid-rate makes it profitable with large volumes.


Mastering IATI Reporting: A Course for Danish CSOs on Enhancing Aid Transparency


Dive into a new online course, "Introduction to IATI: Understanding Transparency in Aid". now available on the Fabo Learning Community platform. Designed specifically for Danish Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), this course offers detailed insights into the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) and aligning with DANIDA requirements.

🌍 Developed in collaboration with a dynamic consortium funded by Globalt Fokus, including key Danish humanitarian and development organizations: 


🔍 Whether you're new to International Aid Transparency Initiative or looking to refine your reporting processes, this course provides essential insights and practical guidance to IATI and the DANIDA guidelines for Danish CSOs.

📚 Key #Highlights
- Step-by-step guidance on starting with IATI
- Specific focus on compliance with DANIDA requirements
- How to prepare, publish and view data with AidStream and IATI Publisher
- How to handle sensitive data

Join a network of professionals dedicated to making aid work transparent and effective. Enroll today and empower your organisation with the knowledge to lead in accountability and transparency!

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